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Why we honor Harambe as a Jeweler

Posted by Gersh B on

There are many ways to think about to the life of Harambe. He spent his life in captivity and was tragically killed. Why were the police so quick to think he was going to harm a child. If we think of Harambe as some sort of cruel beast, we lose sense of animal's humanity. We prefer to think of a sweet and caring Harambe. We want to remember a Harambe rich with jewels.

We carry on Harambe's memory as jeweler. For a jeweler deals not simply in the naked love of Harambe, but also in precious ornaments. For in this way Harambe gets his revenge upon those who did not respect him or feared him unjustly. Harambe becomes more than just a gorilla in a cage and can be remember as a purveyor of fine things in a new time.

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